Boost Your Edtech Company With 7 Unique

EdTech businesses have a special opportunity to support students in their academic success in a world where more and more people look to the internet for solutions. The field of educational technology (EdTech) is expanding. In fact, it is anticipated to increase from the present market size of $3.3 billion to $7 trillion over the next 15 years! It can be difficult to select the best marketing plan for your EdTech firm.

You’ll need to put in a lot of effort marketing yourself and developing your brand in order to grow your EdTech firm. Even though it can appear straightforward, marketing your EdTech business requires careful consideration. Everyone has their own tactics for promotion, but it can be difficult to determine which are effective. More and more EdTech businesses seek to reach out to parents, instructors, and students who are in need of their goods and services.

How can you make sure you get all the attention when there are so many people fighting for it?

There are various tactics you might employ, regardless of whether your goal is to advertise and sell your EdTech business or are simply attempting to figure out how to do so. I am aware that starting to market your business might be difficult. You’ll, however, have a better understanding of the approaches you can take and advice on how to go about them after reading this article.

7 Strategies To Grow Your Edtech Company

1. Make A Blog That Benefits Your Readership

When you work in a specialised field, it’s simple to forget that not everyone is familiar with you. In fact, a lot of individuals outside of your specialty have never even heard of it!One of the finest methods to market your EdTech business and establish your brand is to start a blog. People typically go to the company blog first when they want to learn more about your EdTech business. While promoting your website on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is crucial, you should also spend time commenting on websites like Reddit. This can expose your blog to a brand-new group of readers who are interested in the topics you write about.

You might also try contacting some of the more established businesses in your sector or your community’s colleges and universities.

Guest writing on other websites in your niche is an excellent additional strategy for promoting your blog. Participating in forums or dialogues with other experts in your field might help your blog attract new readers and customers. You may even think about holding a contest where anyone who “likes” your page has the opportunity to win something unique. This will draw in more people and encourage them to enter more times.

2. Effectively use social media

You must pick the social media platforms that are most appropriate for your business out of the numerous available. An organisation that offers vegan dog treats, for instance, ought to be on Instagram and Pinterest, but not Twitter.

Similar to this, you should utilise as many platforms as you can rather than limiting yourself to just one. Building your network and being active on social media sites are key. Try some new things now if you aren’t blogging frequently and don’t have a loyal audience.

After all, people won’t return if they don’t see your postings or tweets. These days, a lot of EdTech startups use social media. That’s fantastic, but you must take care to do it correctly.Listed below are some tips to help you master social media: 

  • As your social media handle, use the name of your business (rather than your name)
  • List the influential people in your industry, then follow them.
  • Make a Facebook event page for the occasion to promote conversation.
  • Host Google Hangouts where participants can talk about issues pertaining to the edtech sector.
  • Try to stay current with trends and surf the waves on social media, which is broad and constantly changing.

3. Use email marketing campaigns as a tool

EdTech businesses expand because consumers have faith in them and tell others about them. The most effective approach to achieve this is through encouraging your clients to recommend you to their friends. This chance is provided to you by email marketing, which enables you to communicate directly with your consumer base.

You can use the following tested techniques to sell your edtech business via email:

  • Offer a discount or coupon code only to people who agree to get emails from you if you’re a new company.
  • Send a customer an email thanking them for their purchase of a good or service you offer, along with an offer for an additional good or service they might find interesting.
  • Send an email with a special offer on their birthday if you have a birthday club (or the day before).
  • Think about including an RSS feed of your blog articles on the front page of your website and then sending out an email each time a new piece is published. By doing this, you can keep your clients up to date on corporate events and encourage them to continue gushing about your business.Produce A Superior Product Demo Video

4. Produce A Superior Product Demo Video

One of the most important tasks in promoting your EdTech business is creating a product demo video. After all, you need to demonstrate how it functions for prospective buyers to be able to buy what you’re selling. But it’s much easier said than done to make a fantastic product demo video. In truth, when it comes to starting a business, many people fail.

But if you adhere to these recommendations, you can make sure that your product demo will astonish customers and increase sales.

  • Consider the objective of your video.
  • Make a storyboard and a script.
  • Engage a filmmaker and editor that can assist you in realising your idea.
  • Remember the significance of high-quality audio.
  • Keep your graphics simple, but use high-quality ones.
  • When possible, choose white backgrounds, and make sure the screen is clear of any eye-catching elements.
  • Organise your information into easily identifiable sections that are labelled with subtitles to make it simple for visitors to discover what they need.

5. To increase brand awareness, host a conference or event.

Hosting an event or conference is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand if you own an EdTech business.

In a recent poll of teachers, for instance, it was shown that 48% of them would be interested in attending a professional development event organised by their preferred EdTech company. According to the same poll, 59% of respondents would be interested in attending a conference organised by their preferred EdTech company. 

Additionally, if you’re seeking to spread the word about your product to potential buyers, a well-planned and performed event will allow you to do it all at once.

Here are some pointers for organising an effective event:

  • Make A Keynote Address That Is Important To Your Sector.
  • Invite as many individuals as you can.
  • Before and after the event, send press releases.
  • Promote your event via social media.
  • Yes, attendance has benefits for everyone.

6. To reach more consumers, use video marketing.

Video marketing is a fantastic approach to advertise your EdTech business and attract new customers. The figures are self-evident:

  • 71% of companies use video marketing (Kapost)
  • 90% of users view videos on the internet (Statistic Brain)
  • A lead conversion rate of 10% or more is achieved by 65% of businesses that use video marketing (Video Brewery)

7. Here are three tested methods for using video marketing to advertise your EdTech business:

Advertise Your Content For Money On Social Media Sites And Search Engines

Paid promotion of your EdTech business and its content is a terrific idea. Search engines and social networking sites are both effective channels for content promotion. Here are some strategies for promoting your EdTech business via paid advertisements:

Facebook Ads

  • Make a commercial to promote your blog entries, videos, and other stuff.
  • Make sure the ad itself has links to the content.
  • Utilise Facebook Credits or Google Adwords to pay for your advertisement.

Google Ads

  • Make an advertisement for the video that gets the most views out of all of your videos.
  • In the ad itself, include links to all of your social media profiles.
  • using YouTube Credits or Google Adwords to pay for this advertisement.

Promoted Tweets on Twitter

  • Make a 140-character-or-fewer tweet to promote one of your blog posts, videos, or other pieces of material.
  • Include a link to the article in the tweet, then use sponsored tweets on Twitter to pay for it.

Search Engines’ Sponsored Search Listings

  • Create a sponsored listing on search engines like Google and Bing using a keyword associated with the kind of content you’re promoting.
  • All of your social media accounts should be linked.

8. Launch Your Own Branded Edtech App With Complete K-12 Digital Content 

You don’t need to create your edtech app or digital learning solution from scratch, you can get whitelabeled edtech solution containing a high quality elearning app for students, a powerful teaching app for teachers and complete digital content from nursery to class 12th in your own brand name. 

Smartschool has spent more than 100 crore rupees in the last 10 years to create digital animated content from class nursery to class 12th. Along with this, the company spends an enormous amount of money on the updation of software and content every year. 

If you get this exhaustive digital content in your own brand without any big investment, your forward integration will become very powerful. Your profitability and branding will also reach to the next level.

Our digital content contains more than 50000 animated modules, 1 lakh+ questions, 10000+ quizzes and many more amazing features which will boost your company’s brand. Along with digital content, you can also get whitelabeled learning and teaching app in your own brand. 

Smartschool’s digital content is mapped as per CBSE, ICSE and other state boards which means you don’t have to get content of any board specifically. Our content is also approved by CBSE. We have mapped more than 3000+ publishers so any student can study their school’s curriculum and get personalised learning. 

Start Your Own Edtech Company with your own edtech app

To know more, call 8927089270.

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