Grow Your Smartboard Business – Increase Your Revenue By 60%

If you are a hardware manufacturer, this blog is going to be extremely valuable for you. Now let’s talk about the particular differentiating factor a manufacturer has. Most of the manufacturers are doing the exact same thing – importing, assembling and selling. So what is the reason for the customer to choose your brand over your competitors? 
Because of no differentiating factor, the bargaining power and effective margins of a hardware manufacturer gets down. Also, other people start acquiring the market. 
How To Boost Your Revenue and Profitability?
But if you get a strong differentiating factor then you can expand really fast in the market. There are 2 types of solution providers – one is a smart class provider who provides hardware along with content. Second one is a hardware provider who only provides hardware.
Ultimately there is no use of hardware without content. So your target audience such as schools and coaching institutes, will be more inclined towards manufacturers who provide complete solutions. If you would have both content and hardware, then you can easily pitch to clients who just want hardware.
Let’s understand how you will get profitable with content integration with calculation.
Let’s suppose you sell 1 interactive panel for 1 lakh to a client on which you get 15% profit margin. After selling 1 smartboard you will earn a profit of only 15000 rupees and this deal or the interaction with this customer will end after one time purchase.
But if you add content worth 15000 to your interactive panel with 60% margin and increase your smartboard price to 1.15 lakh then your profit will be 15000 + 9000. That means after the integration of content you will get 24000 instead of 15000, that’s a 600% increase in profit.
Get Recurring income
You can generate income only once after selling a single smartboard or a hardware but with the integration of digital content, you will get additional income every time your client goes for content renewal. You can earn recurring revenue and increase the lifetime value of your customers, which means as long as you have the client, you will continue to earn income from it. 
Let’s understand this with calculation 
An Interactive panel has an average lifetime value of 10 years.If your one client buys 1 interactive panel for 1 lakh rupees then on the margin of 60%, you will get 15000 thousand rupees. But if you add digital content of 15000 rupees to your smartboard hardware on 60% profit margin and increase the panel price to 1.15 lakhs then the client will keep on paying you rupees 9000 every year for content. Which means you will get 15000 plus 90000 which equals 1 lakh 5 thousand rupees. 
So earlier you were earning 15000 per year on one panel, now after the integration of content you are earning 1 lakh 5 thousand rupees. Which means an increase of 600% in revenue. After the integration of content your one customer will be equal to 7 customers.
Your competitors will not provide this kind of integrated content or solution in less than 1.5 lakhs so you will become better than them and customers will have a strong reason to prefer you over your competitors. This way your branding and profitability will also improve. 
Other hardware manufacturers will be far behind you and you can always tell your customer that others are just importing the hardware from china and delivering it to you but I am providing you a complete smart class solution. 
This is known as Forward Integration. 
When you integrate a next generation product to your current product, that is known as forward integration. When you provide product after forward integration to your end customers directly, your profitability and branding will be boosted. 
Where can you get complete digital content at a minimal price?
You can do OEM agreement with smartschool and integrate ready made digital elearning content to your smartboard at rock bottom – minimal price which will give you and your dealers a high profit margin and boost your brand growth.
Smartschool has spent more than 100 crore rupees in the last 10 years to create digital content from class nursery to class 12th. Along with this, the company spends an enormous amount of money on the updation of software and content every year. 
If you get this exhaustive digital content in your own brand without any big investment, your forward integration will become very powerful. Your profitability and branding will also reach to the next level.
Our digital content contains more than 50000 animated modules, 1 lakh+ questions, 10000+ quizzes and many more amazing features which will boost your company’s brand. Along with digital content, you can also get whitelabeled learning and teaching app. 
Smartschool’s digital content is mapped as per CBSE, ICSE and other state boards which means you don’t have to get content of any board specifically. Our content is also approved by CBSE. We have mapped more than 3000+ publishers so any student can study their school’s curriculum and get personalised learning. 
3 biggest benefits that your business will get from digital content integration
First – You will become a smart class provider along with a hardware provider. With this you can grow and expand your smart board business. 
Second – You will get a differentiating factor from the integration of digital content which will give you a competitive edge and you will be able to attract more clients.
Third – The client who has taken your digital content will become an engaged customer because he will always be connected with you for content renewal. Also Engaged customers are always better than non engaged customers. You can pitch additional products to your engaged customers to provide more value and get more income.
How can SmartSchool help you if you want to add more income?
To generate more income you can promote our teaching app and learning app in your own brand. 
Let’s get to know the benefits of our teaching app first 
1. Your target audience like schools and coaching centres can take themselves online and manage their administrative tasks. 
2. Teachers can take online classes, resolve doubts immediately, send important updates through app notifications, assign assignments, mark attendance, add study materials and most importantly, parents and teachers can track student’s academic performance and study progress through “content usage” feature of the app. 
3. Not only this, online payment gateway is integrated in the teaching app which will help admins in tracking fees and improve fee collection.
4. The teaching app is an all in one teaching tool. Admins can get their own courses integrated and sell on their own price from the app itself.
Let’s move on to learning app and know its benefits.
1. Students love to watch cartoons and movies which is why we have incorporated storytelling in our videos and explained every concept in the form of story with the help of animations to develop student’s interest in studies.
2. Students can learn from home anywhere anytime. 2D-3D animated videos will inspire every student to learn and understand difficult concepts in an easy and fun way. 
3. Our digital content is available in both Hindi and English language which will allow students to choose the language they prefer and improve their communication skills. 
4. By practicing from interactive quizzes and games, students can make their concepts concrete and strong. Interactive tools in the learning app will help students prepare for any tests and exams.
5. Learning app will boost students’ performance, promote concept clarity, develop interest in studies, boost preparedness level and improve grades.
You can become the first choice of your customers by providing these exceptional resources. To know more, call 8927089270. Take the first step towards profitability and brand growth. 
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