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Do you want to expand your EdTech company and boost your profit? If yes, then keep reading!

Until recently, EdTech was considered one of the most profitable and growing industries in India. But today there are reports of losses, shutdowns everywhere. So, is there any positive news for EdTech company owners?

Let us first understand what EdTech is.

EdTech means high quality education for the masses at an affordable price. But today, it has become quite the opposite. Now that people involved in the EdTech sector are launching any kind of educational product, they are focusing more on marketing and sales and increasing the price of their product. The disadvantage is that only few people can afford this kind of product.

Many EdTech companies spend 5-10 years and crores of rupees to create digital content, but they are still unable to deliver a high-quality product and sell a certain volume in order to maintain their technology, content, and EdTech company. This way, they won’t be profitable. 

So many big EdTech giants have taken the market in their favor, but our business model can help you come out of these challenges, it can give you an opportunity to grow your brand and make your company profitable. 

How can SmartSchool Education Help You Expand Your EdTech Company?

SmartSchool Education is India’s fastest growing EdTech company with over 10 years of experience in the education field. We have spent over 100 crores on creating digital animated content with animations and videos that can improve a student’s overall learning. Not only this, we have spent 4-5 crore rupees on tech development and 5-6 crore rupees on content development. 

We will provide you with complete K-12 content along with your own EdTech app, white-labeled in your own brand name, which will contain the following:

1. 2 million+ Learning Resources 
2. 50,000+ Videos
3. 1 Lakh+ Questions
4. 10,000 Integrated Games and Tools

Through this white-label EdTech solution, we have developed a smarter way to do EdTech business, and you can say that we have become the ultimate savior of the EdTech industry in India. 

If you are working in the EdTech sector and want to create your own content, it is nearly impossible unless you have crores of rupees, multiple expensive resources, and a lot of time. However, if you want to become profitable in less time and expand your EdTech company, you can get complete digital content under your own brand name.

If you already have an EdTech app or a platform on which you have built some content, you can also bundle our digital content under your own brand.

We are the Android of the EdTech industry.

Let me tell you how. When Apple released its operating system, IOS, so many manufacturers started losing the battle, but Android gave the manufacturers a system through which they not only survived but thrived.

Now we are also doing the same, we are giving you a solution through which you can thrive in the EdTech business and get an edge over others. 

There are six major advantages to using our white-label EdTech app solution.

Grow your edtech company with edtech app

Here are six major benefits that you will get from our digital content that will expand your EdTech startup:

First You will create a strong brand perception – When you start providing the entire K-12 digital content under your brand, a strong image of your brand will be created in the market. 

Second Your income will increase – You will be able to cater to more students, and your income will also increase from adding additional K–12 content to your brand.

Third The lifetime value of your customer will increase – If you are already providing some content, you can take advantage of our digital content by bundling it into your existing content. You can offer this bundled content to your existing customers, which will boost the lifetime value of your customer.

Fourth You will get recurring income – Our digital content gets renewed every year, which means customers will be continuously engaged with you for a long time, which will give you recurring revenue and increase your lifetime value.

Fifth You will get a competitive edge – Let’s suppose you are providing English and personality development courses. If you start providing complete K-12 content along with your courses, this will create a competitive edge that will set you apart from your competitors and attract more customers.

Sixth – You can Integrate your own courses at your own price points. 

For more information, you can call 89270-89270.

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