How To Become an Entrepreneur Without Building Own Product?

The finest way to live your life is frequently said to be through entrepreneurship. You get to work from home, set your own hours, and be your own boss. Entrepreneurs are given possibilities that are not only advantageous to them personally but also help the economy grow. Entrepreneurs start new companies, which opens up employment chances for others. Start your own company to become your own boss, establish your own rules, and produce something distinctive. By converting potential business opportunities into profitable ventures, successful entrepreneurs develop and extract value from those opportunities.

We have shared 6 steps and a bonus strategy at the end for you to become an entrepreneur and start your own edtech company!

How To Become an Entrepreneur?

1. Find the ideal business for you.

You can be an entrepreneur in almost any industry because the term “entrepreneurship” is so wide. You will need to choose a profession and a business, though. Find a venture that will both be profitable and about which you are passionate. Since starting a business requires a lot of labour, you should concentrate on a cause close to your heart.

2. Decide whether you should pursue education.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t require any kind of academic education, but that doesn’t mean you should completely disregard it. Experience in management, computer programming, and marketing could all be useful if you want to launch a tech company. Additionally, some professions, like running your own accountancy or law firm, will probably need some sort of degree.

3. Identify your target audience or group.

Not everyone is drawn to every type of business. Your target market’s age, gender, income, race, and culture will have a big impact on where you open up shop and whether you even require a real address. Find out which demographic best matches your business strategy, and then adjust everything to appeal to that group.

4. Network

While networking is necessary in many professions, entrepreneurs may find it to be especially crucial. You can meet people who potentially have abilities you could use in your business by networking. In order to launch your business idea, networking is another way to identify potential investors. Once your business is up and running, your network can help by referring new clients your way.

5. Sell your concept

Customers want products, but they frequently are unsure of which one to choose. As an entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to persuade customers that the product you’re offering is the greatest one out there. To sell your product, you’ll need to determine what makes it special and how much value it adds.

6. Consider marketing

Marketing should be your primary concern before, during, and after the launch of your company. Even if you own the nicest restaurant in town, no one will go if they are unaware that it even exists. Although marketing can be challenging, you should be able to concentrate on your target market. For instance, millennials might be more likely to view an advertisement on social media than on a downtown billboard.

Which sector is best to invest?

The education sector, one of the biggest and most significant parts of the global economy, is going through a digital transformation. As more effective and interesting educational delivery methods develop, artificial intelligence, automation, and digitalization are changing norms in education.

With education being one of the most established industries worldwide, where the “service” has essentially been provided the same manner for centuries, there hasn’t been much innovation. Prior to COVID-19, digital technology adoption was actually rather low, at only 2 to 3 percent, much below most other areas of the modern economy. The primary bottlenecks, namely teachers’ unwillingness to test out new digital tools and students’ and parents’ misconceptions that education cannot be delivered online, have been eliminated by COVID-19, which has driven education technology, or edtech as it is now known, into the mainstream.

In India, K-12 is currently the largest edtech market category, followed by online exam preparation and online certification.

No Need To Build Your Product From Scratch

You don’t need to build a product from scratch to start your own EdTech company. Building a product from scratch takes years and requires you to spend a huge amount on resources, money, time and energy and most of the businesses fail within 5 years of launching their own product. So why take that kind of risk when you can get a ready made educational solution or product in your own brand from a company which has over 10 years of experience and expertise in education sector?

Launch your own education app and get profitable

You can get a ready-made education app under your own brand name. Smartschool Education has already spent more than 10 years to build an interactive education app which includes a learning app, digital content from class nursery to class 12 along with a robust teaching platform. 

Our digital content contains more than 50000 animated modules, 1 lakh+ questions, 10000+ quizzes and many more amazing features which will boost your company’s brand. Along with digital content, you can also get whitelabeled learning and teaching app in your own brand. 

Smartschool’s digital content is mapped as per CBSE, ICSE and other state boards which means you don’t have to get content of any board specifically. Our content is also approved by CBSE. We have mapped more than 3000+ publishers so any student can study their school’s curriculum and get personalised learning.

Get all of this in your own brand. Boost your brand and increase your profitability with SmartSchool’s whitelabel solution. 

To know more, call on 8927089270 or email us at [email protected].


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