Increase Admissions in Your School – 6

Have you ever considered why some private schools see enrollment growth while others see a decline in enrollment? Many school administrators & promoters are experiencing difficulty while enrolling the needed number of students. Are you trying to increase admissions in your school? We have shared the list of 6 best strategies to attract more students to your school.

Putting up hoardings, creating the best architecture, and hiring the best personnel aren’t enough to get the needed number of admissions. A successful school has a lot of students enrolling every academic year. Numerous factors contribute to a school’s success in this school admissions race. In today’s blog on “how to increase admissions in your school”, we are going to discuss all the factors that would contribute to increasing admissions to your school. 

What Tends to Make a School Exceptional? 

What distinguishes your school from others? What distinctive courses do you have to offer? Every school is different. Every school has its own identity, history, and culture. Sports, special programs, or a creative approach to classroom learning could all be unique features of your school.

This would be the reason why parents might recognize it as a perfect location for sending their kids. To explain the benefits of attending your school, you’ll need to get involved in certain marketing activities. You’ll need the help of your employees, students, and their parents, as well. 

What are the key factors that would increase admissions in your school? 

The most effective method is to gain the trust of the parents, which will result in a successful admission of the child to a school. A school should ensure that it is more than just a large institution with a tight curriculum and great facilities; it should be something more. There are many other factors to consider as well:- 

1. Word-of-mouth marketing

Without a doubt, word-of-mouth is the most successful technique for getting more admissions in your school. When the school is equipped with the latest content, digital resources, robust teaching and learning platform, and even an app on the phone, it automatically gets spoken about in the parent community. Onboard a good technology solution and announce activities like, assignments, reports, performance tracking, etc to the students and parents through the robust technology systems. 

Increase Admissions in Your School

2. Teaching quality

If your school has a rigorous hiring process and it is combined with excellent digital resources for learning and teaching, as well as a robust system for assessments and report card management, then the academic outcome of the students is bound to be excellent. This reflects in scores and performance, which is what most parents look for when they search for a good school to put their children in. 

Teaching quality - Increase Admissions in Your School

3. Smart TVs are a good investment

Today, there are several educational films, TV shows, and documentaries available. Smart TVs in the classroom would help students learn and comprehend things better. Combined with deep and elaborate digital learning resources would make for effective teaching. For kids, this is a fascinating way to learn and is proven to have higher retention. They gain confidence as a result of learning important communication skills. 

Smart TV - Increase Admissions in Your School

4. A fantastic website experience

It’s not enough to have a website. It should be designed to today’s standards and contain appealing information. For instance, a quick overview of your school will not suffice. You’ll need to illustrate how your school differs from others, such as the accomplishments you’ve made, the degree of education you provide, and so on. If your website is outdated or not mobile-friendly, you may need to revamp it entirely. Are you curious as to why? Because mobile phones account for 52.2 percent of all internet visits. Visitors will go to your competitors’ sites if your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

Website Experience - Increase Admissions in Your School

5. Hoardings/banners in strategic locations will increase admissions in your school

This is one type of promotion that will never go out of style. These banners are sure to catch the attention of people stuck in a traffic jam or walking through specified areas. These advertisements have a high retention rate, which means that posting them in areas where parents are likely to see them can help your school tremendously. Road crossroads, kindergartens, and playhouses are examples of such locations.

School Banners - Increase Admissions in Your School

6. Coverage of school activities

Is there anyone from your school who has been selected for a national tournament? Have you ever hosted an annual event that was well-received by both the parents and the guests? Did you organize a workshop for all of the students in a particular grade? If you publish all of these events via your school App or send it as information to all parents via email, then it tends to have a positive impact on the positioning of the school. 

School Activity

The Internet and Social Media

You’re behind the times if you’re not doing this. It is a must to be present on social media platforms where information and news about interesting events, student successes, results, and everything else is shared by the school. It helps establish the school’s brand among students, teachers, parents, and alumni. 

Internet and social media

How can SmartSchool help you increase admissions in your school

SmartSchool offers “Digital content and Delivery technology” that can boost student interest and improve their learning outcomes. This content as well as the teaching and learning platforms can be white-labeled and all of this content, material, and software can be used by the school for their students and parents.

The white-label school app solution includes more than 50,000 interactive modules, 2 million learning resources, and 10,000 interactive games that are matched to CBSE, ICSE, and all major state boards in India. Books from more than 3000 publishers have been mapped into the solution and there is complete personalization possible for students to use and study from.

We also offer a robust teaching platform that allows educators to track their students’ progress as well as to conduct live courses, share assignments, manage attendance, and send notifications, among other things. 


In the present era, where there are lots of schools to select from, your school must succeed in these 4 categories: educational excellence, current facilities, appropriate marketing methods, and parent engagement. 

You can not only increase admissions in your school but also establish a system where you can get leads and prospects with ease by implementing the appropriate strategies and testing different techniques. 

Please let us know if you found the solution to your query on “how to increase admissions in your school” by commenting below.

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