Increase School Admissions – 7 Best Strategies

Educational institutions, like any other business, must market their brand for awareness. Your school is in a battleground competing with other schools for the attention of potential students and also to retain existing students with them. The strong marketing ideas for school is a must to increase admissions and build brand awareness for new and existing customers.

Increase School Admissions

How Can Branding Help You Increase School Admissions?

Branding is more valuable than you would think it is. On the surface, your brand may appear to be only the logos and colours of your uniform, but it is your school’s entire identity. Your brand gives your school a distinct personality. Because there is so much competition these days, your school must go above and beyond to stand out and increase school admissions.

To accomplish this, you should invest in developing a strong brand that will capture and hold people’s attention. You have the opportunity to gain some control over how people perceive your business with the right branding, so don’t overlook it. 

Branding helps in increasing visibility

One of the most understandable reasons that businesses require branding is to increase their visibility. People will naturally take notice of your school if it has strong branding.

Branding helps in trust-building

Branding allows you to demonstrate to potential customers that your company is established and credible. You can use this aspect to tell people right away what they can expect and get from your school.

Branding helps to create a unique personality

Branding helps you create a personality that aligns with your core purpose for those who are unfamiliar with your school, allowing those who are unfamiliar with it to build trust in it. After all, parents will most likely select a school that reflects their values and can meet the needs of their children. 

Branding helps in creating the first impression

You only get one chance to make a good first impression on prospective families, so make sure you’re representing your school in a way that conveys its values and prestige. The most important aspect of this whole process is consistency. Once you’ve decided on a logo and a motto, they should appear on all of your school’s materials, both digital and print. 

Best 7 Marketing Strategies For Your School To Increase School Admissions

1. Enhance your website’s user experience

school website

You have a great opportunity, as with most business websites, to provide a good experience and leave the parents with a positive impression.

Your website must be many things, including

  • It must be responsive. If parents visit the site on their mobile device and find it difficult to browse and navigate, they are unlikely to spend the time it takes to eventually find what they’re looking for and will eventually leave unsatisfied.
  • It should be quick and responsive with a smooth user interface. If you want to make a good impression on potential and current parents, your web pages should load quickly. Nothing irritates us more than a slow website.
  • Make sure your site is easy to use and that the user can achieve their goals in as little time and clicks as possible.

2. SEO can help you improve your organic search visibility

school seo

What do you Google if you’re a parent moving to a new area and looking for schools for your children? You will most likely search Best schools in the area, and you will want your school to appear near the top of the Google results. Parents conduct research before approaching you with questions. This is why, in order to attract and engage parents, you must have a search engine presence.

3. Use of Google Adwords for more traffic

school ads

Google Adwords is likely to be your best and most immediate opportunity. You can advertise to parents while they are researching using Adwords. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to lose money. Planning a successful online advertising campaign with Google, Bing, or even Facebook necessitates familiarity with the platform as well as knowledge of how your target audience interacts with them.

4. Enhance your online reputation to increase school admissions

Increase School Admissions

According to some reports, online reviews are just as important as personal recommendations. So, by actively encouraging online reviews, you can influence potential parents’ decision-making before they even contact you.

5. Use email newsletters to communicate on a regular basis

school newsletters

Email newsletters are inexpensive marketing and communication tools. You can start simply by sending a weekly or monthly email newsletter to current parents. That’s simple.

6. Interact with your former students and alumni

It is important to keep in touch with your ex-students and alumni members because they are the product of your brand. Create a LinkedIn group for your school or college and invite former students to join. If this LinkedIn group can help bring ex-students together professionally, it will strengthen the school’s relationship and help to improve its brand image.

Increase School Admissions

7. Have your own school App on the Play store

An App on the Playstore with your school’s brand portrays a high level of quality. You can also use the App to track student progress, administer courses, and more.

school app

How SmartSchool Can Help You Increase School Admissions

SmartSchool Education Pvt Ltd, based in Delhi, was founded by DCE alumni more than ten years ago and has actively provided innovative educational solutions to educational institutions in India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Netherlands, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe, Dubai, Kuwait, and Oman.

Here is how it can help your increase school admissions and boost your school growth:

  • SmartSchool’s digital content can increase student interest and improve learning outcomes. As a white-labeled solution, you can offer it to your students under your brand.
  • The white-label school app solution includes 50,000+ animated modules, 2 million+ learning resources, and 10,000+ interactive games that are aligned with the CBSE, ICSE, and all major Indian state boards. 
  • To provide maximum personalization to students, books from over 3000 publishers have been mapped.
  • SmartSchool offers a powerful teaching platform that allows educators to track the performance of their students while conducting live classes, sharing assignments, tracking attendance, and sending notifications, among other things. 
  • All this and more can be accessed by students through your own branded app.

SmartSchool takes care and oversees every aspect of your school from its branding to its curriculum. 


Finally, a brand is important because it is your differentiating factor, the way that everyone recognizes your school. It helps to strengthen relationships with parents who are familiar with you, as they tend to trust more major names. 

Schools are increasingly looking for ways to attract high-quality students, and one way to do that is to use new-age technologies. By using these technologies, schools can create a more engaging and interactive environment for their students and increase school admissions.

In addition, new-age technologies can help schools save money on resources and equipment. So, by using these technologies, schools can make themselves more appealing to prospective students and save money in the process.

Contact SmartSchool right away, to get a customized solution for your school. To know more, call on 8927089270 or email us at

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