Make Your ERP Company Profitable With 5 Easy Steps

How To Make Your ERP Company Profitable?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software that helps businesses manage their daily operations. ERP software connects departments and allows data to flow without duplication. The management of all regular activities, such as administrative work, instruction, curriculum administration, class attendance, student information, fee record management, homework management, etc. is made easier with the use of an ERP. In this blog, we have shared a list of strategies to make your ERP company profitable.

5 Best Ways To Make Your ERP Company Profitable

We have shared the five best ways to boost the profitability of your ERP Company.

1. Create A Responsive Website For Your ERP Company?

Create a user-friendly, interactive and responsive website for your company with great functionality and content. One of the most crucial elements of the website is the content. No matter how effectively your website has been developed and designed, if it lacks quality content, it cannot achieve its primary goal. 

Make sure your website’s content is interesting and simple to understand. It would be best to use brief paragraphs and bullet points. Don’t forget to include a call to action button on all of your webpages to help your target audience connect with you in case they want to know more. 

2. Build a conversion-optimised SEO website.

This means you must appear in search results when prospects use search engines. Every business and brand today competes for recognition and visibility online. A website might easily get lost in the crowd because of how fierce the competition is. You must invest in SEO to rank for search specific keywords. Search engine optimization will make sure that whenever a user searches for the product you offer, in this case, an ‘ERP company’ – your website will appear at the top of the search results. 

2. Start a Blog For Your ERP Company:

Create your own blog and update relevant content for your target audience. Showcase your expertise in your field through these blogs. Tell your readers about the benefits of using an ERP software or how it can benefit them in increasing their revenue and easing their administrations. 

3. Utilise Linkedin To Connect With Your Target audience

Connect with your target audience on Linkedin. Here are the following steps that you can follow to get connected to your potential customer and start a conversation with them:

  • Run a list of organizations that suit your target customer profile. 
  • Find the decision makers on LinkedIn and connect with them.
  • Interact with their postings and create your own content.
  • After two weeks of being connected, send them a message.

4. Add Value For Your Customers

Educational institutions are shifting online with the rise in the e-learning sector, they are in constant search for elearning content, resources and an app to boost their brand awareness. You can take advantage of this developing need and offer digital content along with your ERP to increase your profitability. 

Instead of tying up with third party content providers for e-learning content, they can get exhaustive learning resources and an interactive, ready-made app from you. 

This is probably the simplest and most powerful integration you can do to your ERP solution. You can partner with a digital content provider like SmartSchool Education and get profitable.

5. Launch Your Own App, Under Your Own Brand Name On Play Store!

Every ERP company is selling its ERP software with similar features like your company. What’s unique about you? You need to differentiate your product to increase your profitability and stand out from your competitors. Partnering with Smartschool Education will differentiate your product. 

With Smartschool’s Whitelabel ERP Solution, you will get high-quality K-12 digital content containing 2D-3D engaging animated modules, and interactive quizzes under your brand name. Along with K-12 digital content and learning apps, you will also get an LMS (Learning Management System) which comes up with strong tracking and monitoring features.

  • Boost the Usage of Your ERP

Sophisticated ‘Content Usage’ and ‘Performance’ APIs will be provided by Smart School which you can integrate in your ERP; this would become a very strong reason to increase usage of your ERP, enhance its reputation in the market, and increase its chances of winning bids when competing with other vendors. 

Our Whitelabel ERP Solution

The whitelabel ERP solution contains 50,000+ animated modules, 2 million+ learning resources, and 10,000+ interactive games which are mapped for CBSE, ICSE, and all major Indian state boards. Smart School has mapped 3000+ publishers to provide maximum personalization to students.  

Become a Digital Content provider

You can give extensive e-learning resources through an App under your own brand. Position your brand not just as a ERP provider but also as a “Digital Content” provider. 

How SmartSchool Can Make Your ERP Company?

Founded by alumni of DCE, SmartSchool Education Pvt. Ltd. is a more than 10 years old educational company based in Delhi. We have been actively providing innovative educational solutions to various educational institutions in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Netherlands, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Dubai, Kuwait, and Oman.

Smart School is into the creation of “Digital content and Delivery technology” which can increase interest and improve the learning outcomes of students, and provide this content and software white-labelled for educational institutions with captive audiences.

Here’s how smartschool will help your ERP company in becoming profitable.

Get Higher Income

Schools purchase ERP solutions at a highly negotiated per student per month model. By adding digital content with your ERP you can command a premium. You can also retail it selectively and generate higher profits.

By associating with SmartSchool Education, you can sell smart class content to schools, increase the lifetime value of your clients and generate year-on-year revenue on the renewal of smart class content.

Get Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitors

Pitching content along with ERP will create a competitive advantage for your ERP company, improve your brand recognition and perception as compared to your competitors.

About Smartschool

With Smart School, administrators may view a consolidated dashboard that compiles all the pertinent data. Additionally, having real-time access to information about students’ achievements, attendance statistics, and future events allow parents and instructors to stay informed, improving communication between the school and parents.

To know more, call 8927089270.


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