5 School Marketing Ideas To Boost School

It goes without saying that enrollment is essential for the survival of your institution. Your school would be unable to operate without students, and the more students you have, the better opportunity you have of having an impact on your area and increase your school revenue. In this blog, we are going to learn 5 school marketing ideas to boost your school brand. 

The use of marketing and public relations tools by schools such as websites, social media marketing, a professional brochure, advertisements, email marketing, and billboards, has been proven to increase enrollment and boost school brand.

If you are looking to increase enrollment in your school and boost your school’s revenue, you can choose from the list of school marketing ideas below.

5 Best School Marketing Ideas To Boost Your School Business

1. Connect with your audience on social media platforms

Currently, 4.59 billion people utilise social media globally, which is equivalent to nearly 42% of the population. The most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Social media platforms have evolved greatly from their early days, and they now provide a plethora of tools for marketing in higher education. Your aim should always be the same, regardless of the social media channel you choose to use: build trusting relationships with your target audience by producing interesting content.

Developing a persona for your target audience’s social media marketing (SMM) is beneficial. Age, gender, education, interests, challenges, and core values are just a few examples of the data that should be included in the marketing persona. Always keep your social media identity in mind when choosing what material to produce, but don’t be hesitant to try new things.

As you grow your social media following, you eventually get to the point where, even if your real follower count is significantly lower, a single piece of content can instantaneously reach millions of people. SMM, in contrast to other school marketing ideas, enables you to see precisely who is sharing your material, giving you vital data that you can use to fine-tune your marketing initiatives.

2. Encourage students to provide reviews online

At this time, it is widely known that 90% of customers check internet reviews before visiting a store or making a purchase. Online reviews are one of the best social marketing ideas that you must consider if you are looking to grow your school.

Making the review process as simple as possible is the greatest method to persuade students to submit reviews online. You can design a star-based rating system and make verbal input fully optional rather than requiring students to fill long feedback forms.

Make sure to reply as soon as you can to online reviews that you get. Every unfavourable comment you get should be viewed as a chance to demonstrate to potential clients how you handle the worst-case scenarios.

Offer discounts, gift cards, bonus points, and other incentives to encourage reviews if you discover that you aren’t receiving as many as you’d like. Most of the time, gently asking for reviews via email or another one-on-one communication channel is enough.

3. Make interesting video content

It’s understandable why more and more advertisers claim that video content provides them with a strong return on their investment. After all, according to HubSpot, 78 percent of people watch internet videos every week and 55 percent do it daily. That’s a large audience that can be catered to by making interesting videos and posting them online.

School marketers rarely need to look far for content ideas because educational content is one of the most well-liked categories of video content. They only need to convert already-existing goods or services into entertaining videos and post them on popular video-sharing websites like YouTube.

Demo videos, brand or event videos, expert interviews, educational or how-to tutorials, explainer videos, animated content, case study and customer testimonial videos, live videos, virtual reality videos, and others are all examples of diverse types of video content.

Let your audience decide which video content to create; this is only achievable if you monitor key performance indicators like maximum live viewers, subscription growth, average completion rate, audience retention, re-watches, click-through rate, engagement, and others.

4. Round the Clock Learning – Make Your School Future Ready

In-class learning has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 and probably will for some time to come. Parents are thinking about alternatives to in-person learning or strategies to limit time in school due to these and other safety issues. Educational institutes are considering to make themselves future ready!

Also, there are times when students are ill or because of some unfortunate events, pandemic or other disasters they are unable to attend school in person, at that time it is crucial to let the parents know that you care about their education and you can provide the students with the best quality education online too. 

Inform the parents of the advantages of integrating your solution into their child’s study routines and how it will help them learn from the comfort of their homes if they are unable to come to school for the classes for a certain period of time.

5. Create Your Own School App

With the explosion of students now seeking ways to learn or access educational materials online, having an app is another fantastic way to both attract and keep students engaged in studies. 

Rather than having to navigate to your website, having a simple button on their home screen that they can click and go right into their lessons is a convenience that cannot be understated. For schools, apps can serve as a great way for students to access study material, schedules, practice questions, and more.

Launching your own school app can put you 10 years ahead of any other traditional school.

How Will You Get Your Own School App?

With SmartSchool Education’s whitelabel school app solution, you will be able to conduct live lectures, solve doubts, send notifications, give and collect assignments, collect fees through online payment gateway and many more features integrated with the teaching app. 

Along with the teaching app, you will also get an interactive and user-friendly learning app with high quality K-12 digital content containing 2D-3D animated videos to help students learn faster and retain the concepts for a longer period of time. 

2 million+ learning resources, 50000+ animated modules, 100000+ games and interactive tools, 10000+ quizzes are more than enough to make students curious to do self study and learn at their own pace.

Benefits of SmartSchool’s Whitelabel School App:-

1. Increase Admissions: Your brand name will improve which will in turn increase the rate of admissions.

2. Boost Engagement: Whitelabel Application will increase the engagement with your students.

3 Reduce Attrition: This App will come along with benefits like improved admission percentage and reduced attrition.

4. Increase Profitability: Having your own School Application allows you to charge higher and thereby increase your profitability.

5. Give Yourself a Competitive Edge: The App will allow you to stand out aloud as a premium school in your region.

6. Audio Visual Modules: Children are more interested in cartoons, TV, and video games, which is why we have incorporated 2D-3D animated videos in our education app to help your child learn and retain better.

7. Get Mapped Content: Mapping content for different boards and their publishers is a difficult task and we have already completed this task of content creation and mapping for you.

8. Verified CBSE Content: By the means of the Whitelabel app, you will get CBSE verified high quality animated content, a repository of 1,00,000+ questions, etc., under your School name. We will also map the publisher of your school.

9. Track Study Progress and Performance: With the Whitelabel application, you can track the complete performance of the child under the performance section.

10. Boost Students’ Preparedness Level: After practising from a huge question bank in the app, the students will be prepared for any test and exams. They can easily revise any lecture and make their concepts concrete.

11. Increases Academic Performance: Students will learn faster and produce better results in less time. 

12. Better Conceptual Clarity: Difficult concepts are explained in short and simple ways using animations and storytelling methods which will lead to better understanding of the concepts. 

13. Improved communication: The Bilingual content in our education app will allow the child to develop a basic understanding and fluency in English. It will Improve your child’s concept clarity and retention.

14. Add value for your customers: Parents often spend thousands of rupees on their child’s tuition fees, with your own school app parents will no longer need to spend on third party apps or tuitions. They will save a lot on their child’s education through your school app which will ensure high quality learning experiences. 

15. Improve Your Child’s Retention and Focus: Concepts are taught using adaptive learning methods and audio-visual graphics in the school app to encourage concept based learning, which will boost your students’ retention power.

Are you looking for ways to increase your school admissions, boost your profitability and school brand? Call on 8927089270 to know more. 

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