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    Please feel free to reach out to us by filling up the form below. For the most appropriate response from our side, make sure you state the nature of your query.

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      Brand Positioning

      • New App under School’s brand will be created and will be uploaded by School’s name on play-store. Everywhere the brand of School will be highlighted.
      • Sophisticated ‘Content Usage’ and ‘Weak Area Identification’ tools through our teaching platform allow teachers and administrators to view and analyze student performance. Parents will be spellbound by the level of monitoring and individualized attention through this feature.

      Competitive Advantage

      • Offering a branded App and teaching platform will help establish the school as a forward-looking and dynamic institution and will also serve as a differentiating factor. Worth a mention in the admission prospectus!
      • The App and high-quality resources in it will improve the students' preparedness and ultimately grades. Better results guarantee less attrition among students.
      • The only App in the market that will map your physical books to the e-learning resources on the App, so that the consumption by teachers and students is more effective.

      Management Ease

      • The teaching platform includes options for conducting live classes, tracking attendance, sharing assignments, sending notifications etc. It also provides a very powerful fee tracking and monitoring dashboards, as well as an online payment gateway for better fee collection.

      Income Opportunity

      • It is a great source of revenue as you can easily bundle this content with your course structure and can command a premium.

      Cost Saving

      • Schools no longer have to pay extra for smart class content or the teaching platform as this is provided without any additional cost in our solution.
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      White Label K-12 Ed-Tech App

      Smarter way to do Ed-Tech Business

      A white-labeled K-12 e-Learning Content + LMS + App with your institution’s brand with more than 50,000+ animated modules, 10,000+ interactive games and 2 million learning resources will be created and uploaded on App Stores in less than 30 days. Our application covers the entire syllabus of nursery all the way to class XII, all taught using conceptual videos and adaptive learning methodologies.

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      Our offering included in White-Label K-12 Ed-tech App solution


      White-Label Ed-Tech App for both Android and iOS platforms.


      White-Label Content of more than 50k animated modules, 2 million learning resources, 10k interactive games, question bank of more than 100k questions from Nursery all the way through 12th standard for CBSE, ICSE and all major state boards.


      Offline Smart Class solution to be used in physical classrooms as per requirement.


      Teaching App to conduct live classes, share assignments, track attendance, collect payment, manage multiple courses as prepared by you at your price points.


      Backend platform to send WhatsApp messages, App notifications and Emails to continuously engage your users.


      Backend Panel to track usage and performance of your students.


      White-Label support number to help resolve your customer support cases.


      Pay as you go model with flexible payment options.


      Mapping of content for the set of your publishers adopted by school as an additional service.

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      Features of White-Label K-12 Ed-tech App

      • 50k+ Videos, 10k+ Interactive games, 2 Million+ Learning resources, Huge question Bank of 100k questions, 3000+ Publishers Mapped

      • CBSE, ICSE and all major Indian state boards

      • Bilingual content - Both in Hindi and English

      • Change video speed, Search content and bookmark favorite videos

      • Live classes, Fee Tracking, Assignments and Attendance

      • WhatsApp, App notifications and Email platform

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      Features of White-Label Smart Class Solution

      • 50k+ HD Videos - Animated and anchor based videos

      • 10k+ Interactive tools for revision

      • Huge question Bank of 100k questions

      • 2 Million+ learning resources

      • 3000+ Publishers Mapped

      • CBSE, ICSE and all major Indian state boards

      • Bilingual content - Both in Hindi and English

      • Live classes, Fee Tracking, Assignments and Attendance

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      Watch our demo videos

      Watch our demo videos to get a better understanding of what our classes look like.

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      What our users are saying

      We have catered to 6000+ schools and have a student base of over 10 lakh individuals. Here’s what they have to say about us.

      Akash Prajapati School Owner

      SmartSchool has helped us to launch our own school app with K-12 digital content. Not just our school’s attrition rate has reduced but also we are becoming more profitable than before

      Sumit Sarkar ERP Provider

      My ERP Business grew 5X after associating with SmartSchool

      Pankaj Jha Newton Coaching Classes

      SmartSchool is an amazing solution for my coaching! Its user-friendly interface has helped me to adapt digital learning with ease. We are proud to have such a holistic platform made in India.

      Ryaan Sharma Ryaan Coaching Institute

      What makes SmartSchool stand out is its cost-effectiveness, real-time notification alert system, seamless attendance management, accurate assessment tool - and many more features.

      Kiran Shetty 46 Years, Hardware Provider

      I have been selling hardware and software to schools for decades. With Smart School, I got a chance to sell under my own brand. A very proud addition to my business. My prestige has gone up along with my revenues all thanks to Smart School.

      Priti Sulakhe 32 Years, Entrepreneur

      I have been exploring business ideas ever since my baby turned 5. I found this was a perfect fit – the product is ready; it works and is tried and tested. I focus my energy on building networks and selling.

      Pratik Patel 39 Years, ERP Provider, Surat

      Smart School has made my offering to my clients more complete. I now go to meetings more confident of my product suits, and often win accounts due to the completeness of my offering. Thank you, Smart School.

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