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EdTech has gained in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out globally. EdTech enhances education and the learning process in the traditional educational system. 42% of startups fail, according to CBS Insights, because they don’t fill a genuine need. In its most basic form, educational technology typically uses computer hardware and software in conjunction with instructional methodologies to facilitate and improve the learning process.

The ed-tech market is somewhat a specialized one, but demand has been growing lately. So here is how to start if you want to create your own educational technology company. Edtech employs cutting-edge strategies to produce superior learning outcomes. The pandemic and a shifting business environment have had a significant impact on the industry’s rapid growth

How To Start Your Own Edtech Company?

Have a clear grasp of your user base – You should be aware that while students may use your app, it will be parents or other organisations that decide whether or not to allow them to use it.

Recognize the current problems or gaps – Consult with your customers, learn about their problems, and find out what they believe the present system is missing and what improvements they believe would improve their learning experience. In the end, develop a user persona to satisfy the requirements of your clients.

Product development: Developing an edtech solution or a product is crucial to survive in edtech sector. It is the backbone of your business and it must be the most powerful investment you can ever make. But developing a product from scratch will require you to invest crores of rupees, hiring professional developers, animators, and senior level individuals who can take your idea and turn it into an app.

It will take years before you finally launch your product if you start today but let’s get to know the cost of building an edtech app first.

How much does it cost to create an edtech app?

The complexity, features, functionality, operating system, development time, and cost of the development team, among other things, of an education app make it difficult to estimate its true cost but it is no less than crores of rupees.

However, the price of creating an education app with minimal functionality could range from 5 lakh to 10 lakh depending on the provider you choose. However, this is only a rough estimate that may change based on how many hours it takes to construct. 

Get Ready Made Interactive Edtech App Under Your Own Brand Name

You can get a ready-made Edtech app under your own brand name. Smartschool Education has already spend more than 10 years to build an interactive learning management system which includes a learning app, digital content from class nursery to class 12 along with a robust teaching platform. 

Our digital content contains more than 50000 animated modules, 1 lakh+ questions, 10000+ quizzes and many more amazing features which will boost your company’s brand. Along with digital content, you can also get whitelabeled learning and teaching app in your own brand. 

Smartschool’s digital content is mapped as per CBSE, ICSE and other state boards which means you don’t have to get content of any board specifically. Our content is also approved by CBSE. We have mapped more than 3000+ publishers so any student can study their school’s curriculum and get personalised learning.

Get all of this in your own brand. Boost your brand and increase your profitability with SmartSchool’s whitelabel solution. 

Benefits of Learning and Teaching App

Start Your Own Edtech Company with your own edtech app

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